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Fishing Tournament
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2018 Caney Creek Estates Fishing Tournament

March 17, 2018 - August 19 2018

Tournament Rules

1.  All fish and crab must meet Texas Parks & Wildlife regulations including length and weight.
Weight will be determining factor in event of tie in length for fish.  In the case of tie for crabs, two prizes will be awarded.  

2.  All entries must be caught in Sargent or adjacent waters.

3.  Entries will be accepted only from members or their family (if accompanied by the property owner).  Only dues paid members are eligible.

4.  Fish must be fresh, not frozen.  Can be kept on ice.

    5.  Call for any board member to meet you at Ed Stavinoha's home to weigh and measure your fish. 
Categories - OFFSHORE - King, Ling  Dolphin Snapper
INSHORE -  Red (20-28")  Flounder Trout  •  

Children (12 and under) - Largest Fish  • Largest Crab

Weigh in times are 9am to 6pm

At Ed Stavinoha's  Home

840 County Road 206 , Creekside Drive. Caney Creek Estates

Please call board member first

will be presented at the annual meeting on

Saturday,  September 1, 2018

1st $50.00 Gift Certificate to Academy Sports
25.00 Gift Certificate to Academy Sports
3rd 15.00 Gift Certificate to Academy Sports

Edward Stavinoha 245-0408  
C.J. Fucik244-2476Allan Fuller244-4013 
Eagen O'Brien


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